Rush hour rage

December 3, 2007 at 3:31 pm (Brunel MA)

AN ABUSIVE train attendant has enraged Putney commuters who insist his aggressive demeanour is a threat to their safety.

The South West Trains customer services attendant has been verbally abusing passengers travelling from Putney to Waterloo in the morning rush hour. He demands passengers to get on the train quickly and then proceeds to signal the driver to close the doors before all the people are on.

An online forum has been set up by an angry customer for people to vent their fury. Investment Banker, Anna Broadhurst, 32, said: ‘I heard him use the f-word to curse the passengers who do not board the train quickly enough. He starts blowing his whistle shouting, “are you all deaf – stand clear of the doors!” while passengers are still getting off the train. It always causes unnecessary panic which I fear will one day result in an accident‘.

The South West Train Customer Service website states: “All our employees, whether rail operators or customer service assistants, receive customer service training. Our courses are customer focused and stress the importance and impact employee attitude has on our passengers”.


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