Open for Dogs

December 11, 2007 at 4:16 pm (Brunel MA)

PETS COULD soon be accompanying their owners to work thanks to a campaign to give dogs freer access to shops and businesses.

The Kennel Club launched the campaign ‘Open For Dogs’ at the Discover Dogs exhibition at Earl’s Court on November 10 and 11. Stickers were distributed for local businesses to display in their windows, letting people know dogs are welcome.

43% of dog owners, taking part in a recent Kennel Club survey, are concerned about combining their work commitments with owning a dog. Just 11% of the people surveyed currently take their dog to work.

According to the health industry, dog ownership enhances your life by giving companionship, creating new relationships, bonding families, reducing stress levels, and increasing the amount of exercise taken.

“Millions of dog owners would benefit if more places allowed dogs – and so would the businesses. From cafes, restaurants and libraries to taxis, shops and offices. These are places we all go to, and need to go to, so why should dogs not be allowed to accompany us, as well behaved dog citizens?” said a Kennel Club spokesman.

Dog owner, Marshall Burns, who attended Discover Dogs said: “My dogs are the centre of my life: Always honest, never judgmental. A constant in a rapidly changing world. I can’t imagine life without them. ”The campaign has been met indifferently from local businesses.

A clothes shop owner on Putney High Street said: “I allow small dogs that are well trained into my shop. It depends on the type of dog and the type of shop. I wouldn’t put a sign in my window saying no dogs, what about dogs for the partially blind? On the other hand, I don’t think it’s safe to leave dogs outside shops in London.”

To request a sticker, and support the ‘Open for Dogs’ campaign, contact 0870 606 6750 or



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